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ONYX COOL’s medical devices are temperature regulated to 58°F or 80°F for optimal cool therapy and have been clinically tested to provide safe, effective pain relief.

How ONYX COOL Devices Help Heal Injuries

Medically-formulated Phase Change Materials pull heat away from the injured area
Cool therapy reduces pain and inflammation without restricting blood flow
Temperature-optimized to activate the body’s natural healing process

Why Doctors and Medical Professionals Recommend

  • Phase Change Cooling Therapy is safer than ice. ONYX COOL devices can be placed directly on the skin, without risk of ice burn or frost bite.
  • Comfortable design increases patient compliance, which can speed healing and reduce dependency on pain medications and prescription drugs.
  • Anti-microbial surface is non-toxic and latex-free.

Why Patients and Athletes Prefer ONYX COOL

  • No ice mess.
  • No cords or batteries.
  • Wearable while active or during rest and recovery.
  • Adjustable sizing conforms naturally to body’s contours.

Reusable and Formulated for Your Needs

Onyx 58°

Onyx 58° cooling devices are designed for injury repair and for post-surgical use. The devices reactivate in less than 30 minutes in refrigerator, freezer, ice bath or at any temperature below 58°F.

Onyx 80°

Onyx 80° cooling devices are designed to “stow and go” to work, the gym and for travel -- and do not require refrigeration. The devices reactivate in room temperatures below 80°F.

Risk-free pain relief: Try ONYX COOL and return within 35 days from date of purchase for a full refund if not completely satisfied. All ONYX COOL products are certified to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for up to 60 days from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply if device is damaged, not used as intended or modified in any way. Long-term storage in refrigerator or freezer will not affect device performance.

HSA and Flex spend reimbursable!

Available Products




Onyx 58° Knee



Onyx 58° Back/Hip



Onyx 80° Back/Hip



Onyx 58° Shoulder



Onyx 58° Pain Block

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Onyx 80° Pain Block

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Onyx 58° Pain Pax (3)

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Terms & Conditions
Shipping: 5-7 days after receipt and confirmation of order for U.S. shipments only. Contact for additional cost Custom orders and logos also available for additional cost.

Payment terms:
Net 30 days with approved credit

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ONYX COOL products are manufactured by Xena Cool, LLC.
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