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Cool Therapy / Injury Repair

Refrigerate 30 mins or reactivate in a cooler of ice.


Cool Protection / Heat Relief

Fridge-free technology. Re-cools in 20 mins at room temps below 80° F, in A/C vehicles or in a cooler of ice.

Onyx Cool Cap (58°)

Soothing relief  for heat stress ,headaches and hair loss.

Onyx Cool Back/Hip (58°)

Relieve back, hip or belly pain or use to cool your core and treat fevers.  Get lumbar support and soothing relief.  

Onyx Cool Knee

Form-fitting cooling compression wrap.  Anatomically designed for active recovery so you can stay in game or wear during rest and recovery. 

Onyx Cool Shoulder+

7 Ways to treat pain! This hardworking, versatile wrap comes with three straps to conform to the shoulder and six more areas. 

The Cool Wrap

Clinically tested 58° cool therapy for hot flashes, MS and heat stress. Refreshes in the refrigerator.

Onyx Cool Cap (80°)

Cool comfort and fridge-free  for heat stress. 

Onyx Cool Back/Hip (80°)

The 80° back/hip is designed for cooling comfort and "right now" relief.  Feels refreshingly cool for up to an hour.  Returns to cool state when not in use. 

Onyx Cool Safety Pro Vest

Designed to protect against heat stress and enhance performance. No refrigeration required (how cool!)

Onyx Cool Pad

Refreshingly cool comfort for soothing relief and a good night’s sleep.

Onyx Cool Minis

Portable pain relief for headaches, fevers and first aid. Cooling relief for breast pain, hot flashes and  heat stress.