The ONYX COOL Back/Hip features a plant-powered cooling phase change material (PCM) that is designed in a wearable therapy that conforms to almost every pain point including Arm, Elbow, Wrist, Hamstring, Ribs and Belly. Available in two temps.

58° Chill: Research-backed as the optimal temp to safely relieve post-op pain and treat sports injuries.  Mom-tested for pregnancy back and belly pains and C-section recovery.  Doctor and nurse recommended for back and hip surgeries. This cool (not too cold) device is safe to wear directly on the skin without risk of ice burn, frost bite or vasoconstriction.  Great for pre-hab, post-op, rehab and PT.

 80° Thrill: Designed for on-the-go cooling comfort and “right now!” relief.  Eases stress tension, sore muscles, aches and pains. The plant-powered cool pods feel surprisingly cool for an hour or more (varies based on ambient temperature and use).  It refreshes to cool state when not in use; no refrigeration needed.