Beyond the treatment of aches, pains and injuries, I’ve also recommended these products to my patients for use in treating fevers. Because the ONYX COOL PCM absorbs heat from the person, it’s as simple as laying on it or placing it on the chest area. And, since normally a high fever is accompanied by a shiver or a feeling of being cold, most people don’t want to use a cold pack or ice pack.
Aaron Cody, PTA, CKTP
We love using the ONYX COOL cool packs in our office to provide quality cryotherapy for our patients. They are a quality product that provide versatile options for cooling different areas of the body. The shoulder pack fits comfortably to my shoulder and stays connected so I can go about my day while icing that area. Easy for my patients to do the same.
Dr. Andrew Newman
Lifestyle Chiropractic & Wellness
This product is amazing. As a strength athlete I use the ONYX COOL Pack after every powerlifting session. More importantly, as a physical therapist assistant I use these on my patients in clinic daily. These products are so versatile and I love that they can be used while doing activity to aid in compression and cooling of the joint if they have some inflammation going on. These products are also extremely easy to educate on the use of the product. I would highly recommend these products to any athlete, practitioner, and anyone in general.
Charlie Dunnick
PTA, HMS, PT Dept Lead
Northern Life Wellness Physical Therapy
I used [ONYX COOL] after my knee replacement surgery and couldn't have been happier. It was very comfortable and compact, easily fitting under my dress pants while at work. It stayed chilled for an extended period of time to provide pain-relief, and re-cooled quickly in the refrigerator. The easy Velcro straps made it simple to put on and held tightly so the ice pad wouldn't slide down my leg while standing or walking. And my physical therapist thought it was great and recommended it to several of his other clients too. Great product!!
Bruce Wadman

Risk-Free Pain Relief

Try ONYX COOL and return within 35 days from date of purchase for a full refund if not completely satisfied.
I used ONYX COOL Therapy Wraps after my total knee replacement. They kept my swelling down to a minimum and helped with pain management as well. My Doctor was amazed how much faster I healed compared to his other patients!
Ed Stumpf