Onyx Cool 80° Pro Vest (Heat Stress & Safety)


Onyx Cool’s 80° Safety Pro Vest is specially formulated to counteract heat stress and enhance performance. Safely cools the core to maintain comfortable body temp.  Designed for people who work hard in the heat: construction and manufacturing workers; police, military and healthcare heroes; athletes and all hot bodies.

  •  Onyx Octa-Cool 80° PCM delivers a refreshing rush of cool relief to your 99° body.
  •  Designed for high-temp environments: outdoors – high heat and humidity; indoors – manufacturing plants and operating rooms.
  •  Long-lasting, soothing relief. Stays cool for up to two hours.
  • Refreshes at room temperature or A/C when not in use — no refrigeration required.

How it works:

  •  As the cooling PCM absorbs body heat, it changes phase and the cooling pods become clear.
  •  When not in use, the cooling PCM pods refresh at room temperature or in A/C in 20 minutes.
  •  On-demand cooling whenever and wherever you need it.
  •  Made in America. FDA registered.  HSA and FSA reimbursable.
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Additional information

Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 in
Product Dimensions

17 in x 11 in x 0.5 in

Product Weight

11 oz.


Veltex fabric (black); Aromatic Polyether Polyurethane; Elastic straps with Velcro closure; Hexadecane molecular formula C16H34 or CH3(CH2)14C


Device and two (2) straps


FDA Class 1 Medical Device

Product Origin

Made in the USA


Onyx Black